Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Unorganized, Thoughtful, and Deeply Shallow Expeditions and Diaries of Louis & Mark

There once was a young man from Usual. His name was Francis. Francis spent his childhood learning about how to be a usual. In the community of Usual, the residents live just a usual life with usual clothes, usual houses, usual yards, they even have a usual accent. Francis, in the meantime, was in the process of living a "usual" lifestyle. However, Francis seemed to think that something just didn't seem right about what he was learning. In fact, one day he was lost in his thoughts on Normal Mountain, when someone familiar came and sat down next to him. Francis had seen this person before, but he couldn't quite figure out who it was. After a short time, the man finally broke the silence. He introduced himself as Champ of Character, and told Francis about how he grew up in Usual and had been taught how to live a usual life and he just knew there had to be something more than this to life. So he learned about the land of Character, where he learned you could live your life to the fullest and how one could make a greater impact on the world.
Francis was speechless. He ended up talking with Champ for hours about this land out of the ordinary where you didn't have to be usual where he didn't have to be told how to live his life.
So Francis traveled back to the land of Character with Champ, and while they traveled, he could just imagine this vast, extraordinary land where his dreams were free to prosper.
Finally, Francis can see the entrance in the distance to this land of Character, but he begins to get nervous. What if they only let people into Character if they are already powerful beings? What if the only ones let in are the ones who are extraordinary? These thoughts haunted Francis so bad, that he was to the point where he just wanted to turn back to the land of Usual where he could let his dreams die and live in envy of those who could be fortunate to live in Character.
However, when he looked up, Francis saw the beautiful, massive gateway that led into the land of Character. Above the golden gateway was etched a phrase that said, "There are no extraordinary people, just ordinary people who do extraordinary things." Francis thought of this quote everyday for the rest of his life in Character, and he reminded himself that he could do whatever he wanted to do.

Hello, this is a segment by Louis & Mark. This is the very first passage of a weekly series that will take place. In this series, we will say some funny stories, have intellectual discussions about the world around us, and motivate others on how to live a great life.
I hope that upon reading this, you will be excited about each week's installment.

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